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School Nurse Strategic Partnerships

Posted 10 months ago by Patricia Endsley

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Dear MASN/NASN members,

NASN's overarching goal is to "Improve Student Health and Learning by Strengthening School Nurse Voice." To support this goal, the NASN Healthy Communities strategic committee identified the need to "empower school nurses to identify and foster strategic partnerships with stakeholders to improve student health and learning."

We are pleased to share two resources that Affiliates can share with their members.

The first resource is the list of NASN's "non-industry" strategic partners with direct links to their websites. Members can use this list as a springboard for developing state and local strategic partners.   This list is attached.

The second resource is for the American Academy of Pediatrics Chapter/District Directors contact list for each state.   A partnership between AAP affiliates and school nurses can strengthen local and state policies impacting children's health.   You can find your state partner at this link:
AAP Chapter/District Executive Directors

We hope you will find these resources helpful as you move forward in your work toward developing #healthycommunities where students live, work and play!