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CPR: American Red Cross

Posted 9 months ago by Patricia Endsley

Please see information below from American Red Cross

Please contact  your local American Red Cross training center FMI.

MASN does not endorse one organization over the other.

School nurses who work at hospitals and other health care facilities may need to also keep AHA certification.



  1. The American Red Cross does NOT require the use of feedback manikins. While we recommend their use, and offer Big Red LED feedback manikins, we recognize that requiring their use creates an unnecessary financial burden on many schools and training organizations.


  1. Instructors can convert their certifications to the American Red Cross at NO CHARGE.


  1. We offer many programs and special pricing for schools, including CPR, First Aid, Babysitting Training and more.


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Paul M. Sullivan

Regional Sales Manager – New England & New York

American Red Cross

180 Rustcraft Road, Ste 115

Dedham, MA 02026

Call or text: 617-659-7788