Maine Association of School Nurses

NASN Day 3 Data Gift

Posted 5 months ago

For day 3 of National Nurses Week, the NASN Data Research team has developed fillable PDF forms for you use for your End of Year reports. The reports are important for you to provide data to your school and share at the district level; there are many different ways this can be done. Here are templates that will help you get stated: one for a district report and one for a school report. You will note that they are just 1 page. This template is NOT meant to show everything you do, it is meant to highlight some key activities school nurses do and is a conversation starter. The activities identified are directly linked to current events, education concerns, and key activities school nurses perform. 
However, we know districts and schools operate differently. We have blank versions available so that you can include what is important to your school or district. Please click district report orschool report for the blank fillable versions. On the district template report, there is a space on the top to put your school district logo and your school health services team. On the school report, there is room at the top to put your school’s logo.
As per usual, please share the templates with school nurses to increase awareness of data collection and Every Student Counts! Also, coordinate with your Affiliate Leader to make sure the message gets out.
We greatly appreciate all you do!!
Have a great day! Happy School Nurse Day!!!!