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Climate Change and Health

Posted 2 months ago

Dear Maine School Nurses, 

The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environment's Global Climate Change developed a summary What Science Teaches Us About Common Solutions to Climate Change and Family Health Problems outlined in the recently released US House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis blueprint to address the climate crisis and how it will improve the health of our students, families, and communities.  The document explains how common issues among our students such as mental health concerns, asthma, learning disabilities, and other neurological health concerns can be addressed by solutions to the climate crisis.  Please share this document with your administration, health teachers, school board, science departments, and everyone else!

There is nothing more important to the health of our children than the health of our planet.
Janis Hogan BUS, RN, NCSN
Board of Directors
Maine Association of School Nurses
National Association of School Nurses