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Diabetes/Substance Abuse Resource

Posted over 4 years ago by Patricia Endsley

FYI, This resource connecting substance abuse and diabetes was just sent to me. I will add this link to School Nurse Resource Page.  Pat

After research across the resources available on the web, we at noticed the troubling absence of a centralized resource on the dangerous relationship between diabetes, alcohol and other drugs. Because of this, we engaged with researcher Dr. Karen Vieira, PhD MSM to create a comprehensive resource on the implications, contraindications and the latest research regarding substance abuse and diabetes.

The result is this page, which can be navigated by mousing over the “Skip to Section” button:

This is our comprehensive 6,000 word research piece, and it is the product of our shared desire to help prevent and treat harms associated with diabetes and substance abuse. It includes easily-understood graphic elements, 31 supporting citations of landmark research and authority sources (seen at the bottom) and answers for the most common questions regarding diabetes, alcohol and every major drug of abuse. We hope that the quality this page and the importance of the subject matter merits inclusion on your page alongside the other resources you have provided - or on any other page of your website. Thank you so much for your time. If you have the chance, please let me know what we need to do to be included as a resource. If you are not responsible for modifications to this page, apologies for the miscommunication, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.

Thank you, Leah Dupre Outreach Coordinator