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MASN recognized by Maine CDC

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Dr. Shelia Pinette, Director, Maine CDC; Teresa Merrill, President MASN, Dr. Stephen Sears, State Epidemiologist, Maine CDC

On November 13, at the Annual Infectious Disease Conference, the Maine Association of School Nurses (MASN) was recognized for their contributions and received the Pump Handle Award. When presenting the award, Dr. Stephen Sears, State Epidemiologist, remarked that "Maine Centers of Disease Control (CDC) is proud to recognize the hard work and dedication of Maine's school nurses, particularly for their dedication to organizing and operating Maine's school-located vaccine clinics (SLVC). School nurses responded to the need during H1N1 and have continued to assure availability of influenza immunization to students in the school setting because that is where children are and because they have said, 'it isthe right thing to do.' Fitting with their vision, school nurses know that when students are immunized for influenza they are healthier; have fewer absences and learn better.Last school year 18,747 flu shotswere given in 85 school districts. At this point it appears that flu shots will be given to more students in more schools. This work is a job well done."Dr. Sears continued, "In addition topromoting school flu clinics, MASN has provided leadership in promoting SLVC in many ways. This organization has worked closely with Maine CDC and the Maine Department of Education to promote SLVC training, discussion and evaluation because these professionals know that when, as they say, "children are healthy, they learn better."Accepting the award on behalf ofMaine School Nurses was Teresa Merrill,President of the MASN and school nurse at Gorham Middle School.The Pump Handle Award is presented to a few individuals or groups each year at the Annual Infectious Disease Conference.of the Division ofInfectious Disease,Maine Center forDisease Control,Maine Department of Health and Human Services. Awardees are recognized for their commitment and contributions to the prevention and treatment of infectious disease in the State of Maine. The Award is dedicated to the memory of Dr. John Snow for his outstanding epidemiological contributions during the London cholera epidemic of 1854. Dr. Snow's investigation implicated the Broad Street pump as a source of cholera-contaminated water in London's Soho district. The pump handle has come to symbolize much of what is important in epidemiology and public health. Teresa Merrill, President of the MaineAssociation of School Nurses and nurse at Gorham Middle School accepted the Pump Handle Award on behalf of the MASN. (  12/5/13)



Patricia Endsley over 5 years ago

Great job everyone!

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