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Fashion Accessories contain lead.

Posted about 5 years ago by Patricia Endsley

Major mall chain stores Forever 21, Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe. - See more here

Three major retail stores often seen in shopping malls have  ongoing lead tainted products:  Forever 21, Wet Seal, & Charlotte Russe  have products that contain lead in purses, belts, and shoes.   In fact more than HALF the accessories from Wet Seal, and 25% of the other two stores failed to meet the lead safety standard. Many of their products are made in China, and the Center for Enviromnental Health stat that their independent lab results reveal that one of the boots sold contains nearly 7,000 ppm of lead- 20x above the safety standard. Though these stores signed legal agreement that this problem would cease, it is ongoing.

These stores are very popular with junior, senior high, and college age girls, (not to mention) if any items are given or purchased by pregnant women or young children. In adults, lead exposure at even low levels are linked to heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure.....

Several years ago, a Minnesota toddler died of  lead poisoning because he swallowed a charm attached to a shoe-(though I do not know where the shoe was purchased)  but I  wish to emphasize the risks are very real that items can cause permanent, severe injury. I do intend to put a notice in the school newspaper in hopes to make families aware of this danger. Click Here