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NE School Nurse Conf. Prelim. Agenda

Posted over 5 years ago by Patricia Endsley

If you are thinking of attending the New England School Nurse Conference in May here is a preliminary look at the agenda.

New England School Nurse Conference

Newport Rhode Island

May 3 and 4, 2014


* Spring sports injuries from minor to life threatening

* LGBTQ Youth - How to discuss gender & sexuality & the importance of support for healthy outcomes

* Early Intervention - Planning effective transitions for children with disabilities

* Evidence2Success:  Improving Child Wellbeing through Collective Impact

* Teen Dating Violence - understanding dating relationships, how to respond to victims, the school's role in prevention

* Sports Related Concussions - Safe Return to Play

* Food Allergies - Diagnosis and it's limitations, treatment guidelines & future therapies

* Cultural competency skills - recognizing signs of difficulty transitioning - educating school faculty

* To lighten up the day, after lunch Dr. Steve Sobel will present - "You're a Piece of Work!  Celebrate Joy, Passion and Influence:

Sunday -

* Lyme Disease Presentation-

*Drums Alive- Interactive program