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The Time Has Come for School Nurses and Social Media

Posted 10 months ago by Patricia Endsley

Fellow School Nurses, 
The following was posted by Sheila Caldwell at NASN.  Definitely worth the read!
I feel it is important for you to read this article, not only because it is the last article entry in NASN School Nurse by our current NASN President, Beth Mattey, but because the information that Beth discusses, is very important for us as nurses to know. Thank you Beth!

This article has open access until July 2nd, share the link with other school nurse (nurse) colleagues.

After reading the article, please add to this thread any of the forms of social media (#SoMe) that you are on and how you use it in a professional manner for the practice of school nursing.

The Time Has Come for School Nurses and Social Media

Janis Hogan RN, NCSN
NASN Director, Maine
Camden Hills Regional High School
25 Keelson Drive
Rockport, ME  04856